Question: How long did it take for the boys to get grass stains on their pants?

Answer: 8 minutes.

Question: How many brownie points does mom get for not caring?

Answer: As many as I’m allowed to award. Plus about a million more for the beautiful wall gallery she designed using images from our session. Scroll to the bottom to see the photo she emailed me after getting it all complete!

wall gallery

A 16×24 print of all three kids anchors the entire arrangement. An 8×10 of mom and dad is on the top right in a unique rectangular frame from my organic bloom collection. Three 8×8 photos of each child in circular rustic frames “round” out the wall (see what I did there?) along with a “M” monogram.

Nicely done, eh?

If you are curious to see what else you can accomplish with photos on your wall, check out this gallery.