Sarah was one of my first clients in 2010. As I have watched her baby girls grow from chubby little toddlers into spirited young women, I have grown as a photographer and become a mother myself. It’s been a beautiful partnership.

If she is reading this, she probably just snorted coffee out of her nose. And I know which word did it.


See, Sarah’s girls have “ideas” too. Like who should stand next to who for each photo. Or how that spot just won’t do. Or how that one WAY OVER THERE is perfect. While her twin thinks the one way over there in the OPPOSITE direction is best. I don’t mind this kind of help but it drives Sarah mad because I appear to be wrangling children as much as I am photographing them. But I always prove her wrong? Our proudest moment from this session was successfully executing plan B when the girls refused to stand together for their sibling photo.

Can you blame them, really? Sometimes liking your siblings is asking a lot.

So I found these awesome sun panels that allowed each girl to have a “cubby.” I could see all three of them but they didn’t have to touch, much less, lay eyes upon each other.

Why do I say all this? For one, because I know Sarah will let me tell this story. And second because most kiddos are like Sarah’s kids. It’s the nature of the beast. When I say “bring your kids as they are and I’ll take care of the rest”, I mean it. These photos are proof.