Giving away free sessions at silent auctions is like going on a blind date.

You assume the person knows “something” about you when they sign up. But you can’t be sure. You’ll be thrilled to know that if Melanie and her family were my blind date, we eloped a week later! To a warm, Caribbean location. We were a match made in heaven.

Like thank goodness they were brought into my life. And if you ask Melanie, she would probably agree. The photo session itself was beautiful – a sunrise walk on the Tarheel campus. We enjoyed ordering prints over a Mexican date night one very rainy evening. Melanie’s husband was a good sport as he held down the fort at home. We kept calling to ask him to measure walls and text photos of the dining room over. Totally worth it, see, Mike?

wall gallery

A final word about Griffin…

I wasn’t sure this sweet boy would want anything to do with me at first. He was too mature for my fart jokes. He gave me that “pregnant lady, stop trying to make me laugh” look. But that’s ok. Part of the reason my sessions aren’t 15 minutes is that I have to figure out what makes each kiddo open up.

But guys, this kid was secretly loving the suit he traded for his football uniform. I sensed it while we were working but wasn’t sure and knew better than to ASK him. His mom confirmed for me later though. Turns out, he wore his suit for the rest of the day. Love ya, Griffin.