I was so excited when a college friend called me in early summer to let me know she was pregnant. I squealed, as women tend to do. Then, I remembered that I had news to share. I’M PREGNANT, TOO!

We are having TWIN babies!

Our due dates are just days apart. Hundreds of text messages (and a few months later), she flew cross country to Raleigh for a visit and we transformed my garage into a studio for some self portraits. Studio work is much more technical for me than natural lighting. Practicing new skills that are “hard”, especially in front of someone else, is so scary for me. But I knew it was important to grow as a photographer.

After adjusting the camera and lighting a few dozen times, I would take a photo of her 33 week belly. Then we would gracefully switch places and she would take a few frames of my 32 week belly. By graceful, I really mean that we were tripping over our gowns wearing hardly any clothing as we swapped roles. Barefoot and pregnant on the cold garage floor in the middle of winter. Definitely the epitome of grace and beauty. Below are the final images presented in pairs. We pull it off well, don’t we?

Here are a few extra of me without their pairs because my friend is keeping her photos secret for family and friends at the moment.