December 07, 2013

Our conversation started like this:
Sarah: But we have to this weekend, because next weekend is OCTOBER.
Me: Ummm, but October is the best month of the year for family photos! Are you guys busy for the whole month?
Sarah: Oh, no, we’ll be here! It’s just that October means Halloween and Halloween means decorations.
Me: Decorations are great! They add a nice personal element to your photos. Very festive. Or we can move them out of the way for a few photos.
Sarah: ::crickets:: I don’t think you understand. There are LOTS.

So on the last weekend day of September, we made it happen. Between wrestling in the front yard, frolicking at the lake nearby, and taking a few breaks for the baby to snuggle and nurse with mom, we worked together to get images that Sarah describes like this:

I have never just sat at a picture and stared at it…smiling…at least not one that had me in it…until the ones you took.

That makes my heart so full. Here are a few of my favorites.