It happens. Every. Single. Session.

You’ll Photoshop that, right?

Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what people think I do images. I don’t make you look skinnier, I don’t give anyone plastic surgery, and I don’t change the clothes people are wearing. Sorry, no drama here. It’s not that I can’t do these things, I just don’t believe they should be done on a regular basis. I simply add a fresh glow to complexions, remove any color casts, and eliminate distracting items from the background. I make the focus of your images on you!

Here is an example of an edit of an up-close photo. The before photo is absolutely beautiful. I brightened her skin a bit, I warmed up the photo so that her skin tone had the perfect values (yes, this is actually mathematical!), and I made her eyes pop ever so slightly. I also smoothed out a few skin blemishes. As you can see, the photo still looks pretty much the same, but we can all agree that a little goes a long way.

Every image I present to you during your ordering session will undergo this exact special treatment. So yes, I’ll absolutely Photoshop but just in a subtle way that makes you still look like you.