Meet Carrie and her beautiful family, loyal blog readers!

Carrie is the talented photographer behind the camera over at Richardson Fry Photography. She and I met and bonded over cloth diapers at a local store one chilly winter afternoon.

For real guys, we chat about diapers like most people geek out over movies, shoes, or handbags. Example: Did you hear about the new BumGenius print? I heard the Thirsties sale started! You should totally get MORE diapers. Oh that diaper looks so adorable with that shirt! What’s your favorite detergent? Yes, about getting more diapers, you should get them. No doubt.

And because I loved Carrie for all of the above reasons (and she loved me), we made a quick decision that a session trade was in order and made sure to follow through this spring. In other news, if you need any diapering info, we’ve got you covered.

Here is the first half of our session swap-a-roo: