Here we have a beautiful, teenage girl. She was not happy about wearing the perfect purple shoes to get her picture taken. Mostly because they made her feet hurt but also because she just didn’t love them. And boy did I admire that honesty!

In 30 short minutes, I learned that someone can be outgoing but introverted. She shared that she loves being home schooled so she can pursue what interests her. She explained that sometimes she just prefers to stay inside and read while her friends are out playing because it makes her happy. She admitted that sometimes she is awkward when interacting with others but that it’s just how she is and that’s ok.

However, I have to say, I was so comfortable chatting with her because she wasn’t trying to put on airs or tell me what I wanted to hear. She knows who she is and is comfortable with herself, even if others aren’t. And I cannot explain how refreshing this is.

I’m keeping my eye on her. This kind of bravery and honesty is what our next generation of leaders is made of.