The NC Museum of Art is a great location for families with little toddlers because they can RUN. Which is exactly what two year old little Sophie did.

In pink cowboy boots.

I really love how their family is a bit different. Daddy is the snuggler. Mommy is the goofy one. I will never again assume that I should ask dad to do the silly things. He looked at me like I was crazy and for that, I’m still feeling a bit bad. Sorry, Ed. They were great sports and Tina was so thrilled with her images that her Christmas cards went out early this year. I’m so proud of her!

Thanks for a great session, Ed & Tina! You guys are the best!

On a a sidenote…more families hitting the blog soon. Instead of blogging, I’m spending too much time wrapping gifts, singing Christmas carols, and baking cookies. These important things must happen with our children in spite of work, especially in light of the Newtown tragedy. Squeeze your babies extra hard and keep those families are unable to in your prayers this holiday season.