As a local business in Raleigh, I like to give back to those whom we we live and work. Of all the charities in the area, Inter-Faith Food Shuttle is by far my favorite. That’s why my website proudly states:

I believe that people are inherently generous and donate 10% of my profit to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle.

In short, they rescue the food we don’t buy or don’t eat and get it to people who need it. And not just anyone, but those we work with and those children who attend school with our kids. The help make being a parent easier here in Raleigh.

You’ve already given as a client but if you’d like to give more, feel free. Even if just one person gives, it’s worth the time I spent writing this post and getting the site together.

Click here to give.

Wishing everyone a cozy, warm, and snuggly Christmas and 2013 full joy, love, and happiness!