Do you go anywhere without your smartphone? Mine is always within two feet of me. Literally.

Reflecting on this fact…I’m not entirely sure it’s a good thing to be so close to technology but I digress. But it allows me to capture everyday life in ways I never was before. Getting out the “big” camera, making adjustments, uploading photos to the computer, editing. Too much work for most days, even though I’ve streamlined that process pretty well ifidosaysomyself.

If you are someone who struggles with taking regular photos of your family, try to take one photo a day! Don’t worry about what. The what can be anything:

  • your kid’s adorable outfit (or their pile of dirty clothes)
  • the dinner you just cooked (or the dinner you just ordered out)
  • an adorable smile (or an ice cream covered face)
  • nightly teeth brushing routine (or the bed jumping in pajamas)

You get it–life is beautiful but it’s also imperfect, messy, and hard sometimes. No need to paint a perfect picture.

Paint something.

The question becomes what to do with all of those photos. Digital is great but when they sit around without being viewed, they do no one any good. Here are my favorite resources for getting photos off of your phone!

  • Postal Pix – Use their iPhone (and soon Android) app to order prints directly from your phone. Sizes include square prints for instagram photos (2×2, 4×4, 5×5, 8×8) or traditional sizes like 4×6 and 8×10. They even offer metal prints for slightly more. I ordered and paid for pictures of my new baby when he was a few days old using this app while in a doctor’s waiting room. It’s THAT easy. Plus shipping is very reasonable.
  • Persnickity Prints – Choose among 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 sizes. You can email them directly from your phone or use their app. They even have templates for Photoshop users. Not quite as easy to use as Postal Pix but they are of slightly better quality and offer different types of photo paper.
  • Stickygram – Make magnets of your photos! A sheet of 9 costs just $14.99 which includes free shipping. I’d say these would make pretty fantastic gifts around Christmas time.
  • Blurb – Blurb is a great consumer level printing company for both photo books and regular books (if you write novels). They offer a simple 20 page 7×7 book for just $10.95. The book I ordered for our second anniversary was MANY more pages so do whatever works.

Above: A pile of Postal Pix snapshots about to be sent to grandma and grandpa and a fabulous softcover Blurb book.