You guys, I love large families. Love ’em! There is a certain excitement in being around such a big group because they know chaos and it doesn’t phase them. They also know how to care for each other, how to joke with each other, and how to love each other more fully than anyone else. I think it takes a special set of parents to embark on a such a grand adventure together. This mom and dad run a tight ship but one that is full of joy and love. Their children are respectful and obedient, yet their individual personalities shine through.

This lovely family was the winner of our session giveaway six months ago. We met at a downtown Raleigh park and got down to business in the cool weather.

And by down to business, I mean dad throwing acorns at his children until everyone had staked their territory and were throwing them back. We had a blast!

While typically encourage parents to leave the child wrangling up to me, I did appreciate mom helping out a bit. Without question, my favorite line ever:

This way, everyone. If you behave nicely for this picture, I”ll buy white bread.

Isn’t that the funniest? Apparently, white bread is the hot item in the Painter household. Don’t you agree that these sweethearts deserve some white bread now and again?


Update on 11/8/12 at 2:28pm. The white bread was purchased.