I was chatting with some friends recently at a NC State picnic event and they were venting about how much their kids hated getting their photos taken, especially if the spent the time and energy getting the family dressed up. They felt all sorts of bad, as if they were doing something wrong. What I said went a little like this:

“I totally understand the desire for a some great photos of your kids–in fact that’s exactly what I do. But your kids are a bazillion percent normal. You’re not doing anything wrong, the problem is that they are YOUR kids. YOUR kids will never enjoy YOUR camera, it’s just the way the way it works–even for photographers’ kids. I promise it’s not your fault.”

Lucky for them and for you, there are solutions to this age old problem.

Book your mini session today and get an update family photo without having to lift a finger. Sessions will take place on October 27th at the NC Museum of Art. Only 20 minutes of your time and you’ll receive access to a private online gallery with 6-8 images. Plus, your kids will have FUN because I have a few secret tricks up my sleeve to help make sure you get images that truly represent your family. I like to call them secret missions. If they have fun, you will have fun.

To learn more about mini sessions, click here. See you soon!