August 17, 2012

So the funny thing about being a professional photographer is that everyone expects you to take incredible photos of your own child. I could hardly find time to eat the first month, much less get out the camera AND manipulate the fancy settings. Since then, I can do all sorts of two-handed tasks while holding a baby!

Just like everyone else, my baby’s first weeks are documented primarily with my cell phone camera. I won’t lie, this makes me feel a bit sad. But I promised myself not to feel the guilt over doing a better job capturing his babyhood because my primary job is figuring out this motherhood thing, you know?

Below is the first few frames from the day the camera finally came out. I hesitate to post stuff that isn’t my “best” work. But it was such a HUGE moment for me that I’m going to do it anyway. It’s nothing fancy, just some snapshots of his crib WITH the baby, a few family shots (taken with the self timer!).

Jess 1, Camera 0. I got this.