If there is one product that I don’t have to convince people to purchase, it’s digital images. Yes–you can use them in your own Christmas cards! Yes, you can post them to Facebook! Yes, you can store them on your computer forever so there is never a risk of losing them. Yes–you can load them into your digital photo frame in the living room. Yes–you can make your own prints and give them to every relative and complete your holiday shopping in one step. Yes, yes, and yes.

But what exactly are you purchasing when you purchase a few digital images? A friendly email from your photographer with an attachment? Absolutely not.

In the digital world, photos are being shared online and saved to computers these days. Totally convenient, but it sure does leave me wishing for more, what about you? When I buy software, I don’t want to download it online, I want to purchase it in a colorful box and have a snazzy disc to keep in a safe place just in case my computer goes kaput.

That’s why every digital image you purchase from Jess Rotenberg Photography comes in a custom case that is durable but also beautiful enough to display. These cases are designed by yours truly with your session images printed on a photographic print which is then wrapped around a hard case and finished with a matte laminate. Each case has a magnetic closure to keep your CD safe inside. Did I mention the CD has your session images on it as well?

Here are some photos of exactly what I’m talking about.

The images themselves are priceless so storing them accordingly only makes sense.