The one advantage (and I mean ONE) to friends moving away is that you get to visit them in their new digs. Recently returned from a trip to see a dear friend of mine. In addition to eating one of the best Mexican meals of my life, we had a whole Saturday to ourselves. It was super cold so we decided to head somewhere close with a bit of shopping–National Harbor in Baltimore.

So funny story. We got the lay of the land (including the Peep store, more on that later), and discovered a cute store in the distance. It sold jewelry which we clearly could not afford from the window. But it was cold so we went in anyway. I honestly can’t remember which one of us said this but as we start checking price tags, someone squealed: “We can afford this place!!!!” And for the next hour, we checked out every corner of the color coded store. For the record, the store is Charming Charlie and their online store has a shop by color feature too!

Next up was a pretty nifty soap store. Homemade soap blocks, organic lotions, the works. I can’t remember what it was called but it gave the same vibes as Lush only not quite so fragrant.

Finally, the Peep Store. Yes, there is a store that sell exclusively Peep products. Their motto: “We’re all the same on the inside.” The best part was the plush, life size yellow peep. Now that’s a big chicken. Speaking of life size chickens…

If you’re in the need for a laugh, and even if you’re not, this article will not disappoint. Two warnings: If slightly coarse language offends you, just skip it. If laughing until you cry sometimes results in you peeing your pants, take a bathroom break first.