Did you know that Jess Rotenberg Photography is fully equipped to take sports portraits?

I recently took care of New Life Camp’s Storm basketball teams and it was a great success! If your child is on a team and you haven’t been thrilled with sports pictures from your current provider (or haven’t had any yet), why not contact me? Here are some selling points:

  1. We are locally-owned and not a chain or franchise.
  2. Our customer service will exceed your expectations. No studio will take better care of your parents and athletes.
  3. We donate a percentage of sales back to your team to use as you like.
  4. We take more than one pose of each child–families choose.
  5. We respect your time and picture day always runs smoothly and on time.
  6. We deliver the highest quality prints at competitive prices.
  7. No team is too small. Most companies require a minimum number of teams or athletes. We don’t.
  8. We provide photos to coaches at no extra charge.
  9. We supply all the materials and handle all questions from parents.
  10. We offer products that others don’t such as digital files and custom storyboards.

Plus, we offer cool incentives to customers such as these cool Facebook Timeline backgrounds! Everyone who ordered a basic photo package received a custom banner like the one below.