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Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. Here are our finalists!

Voting is easy. At the bottom of this post, click “Leave a Comment.” Just enter your name, email, and leave the name of your first choice in the comment. Your email will not be published.

Only one entry per email address. Any evidence of tampering will result in all of your entries being deleted. Thanks for honoring the spirit of the contest. 🙂

Deadline to enter is Monday, February 27, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be announced the following day.

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Angela | Durham, NC

“Our growing family consists of myself (mom), Aaron (dad), Kai (1.5 year old), and baby #2 on the way. We would love to capture the birth and newborn moments of baby #2. If this is too intimate, we’d also be elated for a newborn family shoot.

We are excited about our upcoming arrival, and we think capturing this special time when baby #2 joins our little clan would be amazing. We are pretty low on funds right now, since we are saving up for me to take off of work for a few months and the medical expenses of birth and newborn care, based on my part-time salary and Aaron’s school stipend. The free giveaway would be great!”


Erin | Fayetteville, NC

“This would mean a lot to us! My husband and I have a daughter who is 1 year and 8 months old! We separated when she was 4 months old because it was a lot for us to deal with because she was born 11 weeks early! And she was in the hospital for almost 2 months! We have reconciled for about 5 months now and her second birthday is in July! We would love love love for you to shoot us mostly her for her 2 year portraits to celebrate what an awesome blessing she is and to celebrate the fact we made through all those hard times and put our family back together! This would mean so much to me and my husband!! Thank you so much for considering us!”


Heather | Garner, NC

“We would love to win a family portrait session. We recently had our third child and we need an updated family portrait. While this is important to us we are on a very tight budget because my husband and I are both public school teachers. I remember our very first family portrait was done almost 6 years ago on the campus of Southeastern Seminary. It was just me, my husband, and our first born–who was only 7 months old at the time. Fast forward to today and I would love to have our picture taken there again to show the evolution of our family into a family of 5! Here is a pic of just the kiddos…hubby and I were taking the pic! We can’t seem to all be in a pic at once since one of us is always taking the picture!”


Michelle | Charlotte, NC

“Our family has not taken any family pictures at all. My husband and I both work. We bought our home in 2009 to welcome our baby girl and a few months after she was born I lost my job. So with a new mortgage, hospital bills, new daycare costs, and just the cost of living, it wasn’t a priority. Pictures have been limited to iphone pics uploaded to facebook and instagram. Zoey, our daughter is our shining star and has so much personality we just wish we could catch it on camera more. Plus, in our new home, we have NO pictures on the wall and a family photo would be a great thing to have up in our home that symbolizes our hard work in trying to keep it OURS.”


Sarah D. | Raleigh, NC

“Giveaway, why should I win your giveaway? My family is not even a family…yet. My boyfriend is saving up for a ring, though it kills him that I know this. He thinks that women are way too involved as it is. We have also gone out and looked at rings, which I think kills him more than me knowing that he is saving for one. We aren’t your traditional couple. This is our second time dating each other. The first time didn’t go so well and ended after four months. I tell you this because I think that we are the exception (sorry, I just watched “He’s Just Not That into You,” you’ll have to forgive me). Our breakup was horrific, at least on my end. He wasn’t the first guy that I had loved and he certainly wasn’t my first heartbreak, but I had honestly thought he was the one. The fact that he didn’t return these feelings ripped my heart to shreds day in and day out for months. I was so mad at him when he decided that he wanted to try again. Nine Months. Who waits nine months? But really, I had no choice, because no matter what I said to the rest of the world, I still loved him. I was ready to move on and be okay, but deep in my heart, I knew that I still loved him. God had opened that door again and you don’t just shut doors like that. That was a year ago January 8 of this year. We aren’t the most romantic couple. I’m buying him an RC Helicopter for Valentine’s Day and a Honey Badger t-shirt. The gift is so unromantic that it’s laughable, but he will love it and his face will light up like a kid’s on Christmas morning and that is all I care about. I think we should win this giveaway because we really don’t have much time with each other. I work full-time and am working on my master’s at State at night. He works two jobs so he can save up for my ring. I want us to have something special. Who knows, it might even be engagement photos (if he ever gets around to it). Either way, I love him and I love what we have become. I love that we are the exception. And who wouldn’t want to photograph that?!?”


Sarah P. | Fuquay-Varina, NC

“We have never had a family photo done, which is why I’m not in this photo. Now would be a fantastic time! Our family is finally complete with our five little lovelies ~ I’m not pregnant, or post baby; the twins are old enough to understand instruction (somewhat); and I have the perfect spot for our photo! Did I mention that I’m turning 40 this Spring?

Living on one salary has definitely put getting a family photo on the back burner. What a wonderful blessing this would be for us. If we don’t win, at least pick someone who has a better story than us!”

Now it’s just time to vote.

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