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It’s a new year so I wanted to mix things up a bit on the blog. The most common question I get from clients are “What on EARTH are we all going to wear, Jess?” I love providing feedback but wanted to do a bit more to help out.

Introducing…(drum roll, anyone?)

Family Fashion Guides, the January edition.

Which means, there will be more editions! Each month I’ll post a new guide that shows seasonal fashions. By no means will this replace my personalized advice, if you like it. But these guides will give you a great idea of how to layer and combine colors to make your photos stand out!

What I love about having a visual guide is that it makes your current closet seem a much more appealing place. For example, you could replace the red items with teal or add a little more khaki to the combination and end up with a fabulously coordinated family. Shoes and accessories are also easy to substitute.

Hope you enjoy! If you’d like to see more, the what to wear archives are here.