Meet Fillip’s family, everyone! I love photographing a family in their own cozy, loving home. Don’t get me wrong, a local park bathed in the warmth of a sunset is close second. But an in-home session just feels so right. While the family was finishing up ready, I snuck a few snapshots as I was getting my bearings. What a beautiful home!

Fillip is one smiley little boy. There were two things about him that just makes me melt. First, the curls behind his left ear. Love them. Second, the way his mother made him giggle. But let me ask a a question first.

Have you ever started laughing just because someone else couldn’t stop laughing? That was me with Fillip. At one point, his mom pulled a balloon out and they began tossing it back and forth. He couldn’t stop giggling and neither could we.

Ok, is it just me or does Fillip’s mom look just like Bree on Desperate Housewives in that photo on the right? (Don’t just my taste in TV…k?) I noticed it during the shoot and really noticed it after I was done.

Lastly, we have some good, old-fashioned family pictures. Nothing fancy but just what the they wanted.

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