When I started my photography business in April, it was important to me to use it for a greater purpose. There were many days of soul searching and scouring the internet to find just the right way to pull that off. It was overwhelming to see all the hurt and need in the world. It was the most humbling to see how much of that was in my own city. I felt a duty to make Raleigh a better place for everyone living here. This statement is what came out of those ideas:

“I believe that people are inherently generous and donate 10% of my profit to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. Learn about them here.”

That little line appears on my website as part of my philosophy now. By simply being my client, you help feed kids who need a healthy meal to focus in school. And you help moms and dads stress a little less about raising their children.

But I’ve not even reached the most amazing part. The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle has a diverse group of programs but their Food Recovery program knocks my socks off every time. It’s so simple and SO powerful. There are restaurants, grocery stores, and food suppliers in Raleigh who have extra food that they aren’t able to sell each day. Instead of throwing it away in landfills, the Food Shuttle sends a giant refrigerated truck, picks everything up and drops it off at shelters, food kitchens, and food pantries. They’re taking food that already exists, that would be wasted, and gives it to those who need it. Hundreds of donors benefit hundreds of agencies because the Food Shuttle maintains 13 refrigerated trucks. This gives me hope that a few people can make a big difference.

Fast forward to this weekend. I’m getting my calculator together to figure out how much to write a check to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle for. I thought to myself, “I wonder if I reminded my clients about how great this charity is, if they would want to contribute too? I bet at least ONE person would?” So here is your challenge, if you’re up for it:

Can you donate whatever you or your family would spend on a meal out to eat to the Food Shuttle?

It can be $5 you would have spend on a sub, or the $15 you would have spent ordering pizza. If you’re feeling extra generous, maybe it’s the $50 you would have spent at Olive Garden for a date?

Click here to donate directly to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle using the special donation page that they helped me setup.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 🙂