There are so many reasons to hate the fair. The have NOTHING healthy to eat. There are WAY too people there. It’s dirty, it’s loud. People can’t seem to get how traffic moves and insist on stopping right in the middle of the darn walkway (and are oblivious that they are in the way). It’s extraordinarily expensive.

An aside: My sister, Sam, hates the word “extraordinary.” If something is literally “extra” ordinary then it’s not that unusual, right? The exact opposite of what extraordinary means.

Back to where I was. It costs $5.00 to ride the ferris wheel…per person? And $4.00 for a few fried Oreos? Sure does make movie theater popcorn look like a bargain.

But I love the fair. From the animals, to the giant pumpkins, to the roasted corn. And I can’t get enough of the lights at night. Even in the rain.

Here’s a recap of the North Carolina State Fair 2011 brought to you by beautiful Raleigh, NC.

Gotta love that orange barrel creature. I’m not saying it was inspired by this guy, but it looks a lot like what this guy made a few years back.

It might take me a year to be ready to go back to the fair, but when it’s time, that fried cookie dough will be calling my name!