You can put a photo on anything these days–from mouse pads to coffee mugs to tote bags. You can even have a photo printed directly onto a birthday cake. (That is edible ink, right?) With all of the variety on the market these days, a photographic print seems a little old fashioned, right?

Not at all. Prints are anything but ordinary. High-quality prints will look great in your home and last for generations. Mouse pads get lost, coffee mugs get broken, and tote bags get dirty. Cakes get EATEN! Cakes don’t even stand a chance. But by framing a few prints and placing them around your house, you create a warm, cozy environment.

That print becomes even more special when it’s the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning…and go to bed.

Prints will never go out of style. Think about how much fun you had the last time you looked through an old photo album. Quality prints make that possible. In order to ensure any prints you order from Jess Rotenberg Photography last from generation to generation, we give them the special treatment. How?

1. Your photos are printed on Kodak Endura Professional papers with the highest quality inks.
2. Your photos are mounted to matte board to ensure they do not bend or become damaged over time.
3. Your photos are edited on a calibrated monitor (by me) and printed to ensure the colors are printed exactly as they appear.
4. Your photos are produced by a state-of-the-art, environmentally responsible printing lab in Minnesota.
5. Your photos are packaged with love and care. Then, tied with a ribbon and delivered in perfect condition. I treat your prints with care, not at all like Ace Ventura pet detective. Promise.

If you’re ready to find out how custom photography will make your home more cozy, schedule your session today by sending me an email.