A short trip to Savannah, Georgia turned into an unexpected adventure recently. As we were headed toward the car, we stumbled upon an old fashioned candy shop.

Allow me to introduce, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen.

Honestly, the free popcorn drew us close to the door. Then, we were greeted by the sight of little glass Coke bottles and long freezers full of ice cream. Then the retro lunch boxes and funky gifts pulled us to the back of the store. It was ALL over once we realized we could watch the taffy being made.

One hour later, we emerged with bags of fresh taffy, peanut butter fudge, and some hand-picked chocolate truffles. And over 200 photos on my camera. That’s not excessive at all, right?

It was one of those moments where I felt like a little girl again…full of pure glee and curiosity. (I’d admit, some of the curiosity was about who buys those buttered popcorn flavor Jelly Belly’s, but that’s another story…) Here’s some of cool stuff we got to see:

To finish things off, here’s my favorite recipe for those peanut butter balls. In a pinch, eating peanut butter out of the jar will do, but these are so much better. This recipe is much more peanut-buttery (and less powdery) than the usual. You can find a printer-friendly version by clicking here.