We celebrate birthdays because there is something special about being exactly one year older. But sometimes we don’t take the time to celebrate a normal day…until Friday. This little session was done at Caden’s house in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday. Daddy was a work, Mommy was home watching the clock until the next feeding. The TV was quietly playing in the background. The dog was carefully dividing her attention between the baby and the neighbors’ cat.

Caden was exactly 230 days old the day of our session, no more, no less. There was nothing remarkable going other than a visit from Grandma. But celebrating Caden was special occasion enough, because it should be. Here’s to celebrating the ordinary day, but featuring a remarkable little boy.

Fun tidbit: Little Caden thought the sound of the camera shutter was so funny that he would giggle each time I took a frame. It doesn’t get any better that for a photographer!

Those eyelashes! They are absolutely perfect.

If you’re interested in having me come to your house for a “day in the life” shoot, just send me an email at jess@jessrotenberg.com and we can brainstorm over ice cream (my treat).