I sometimes get questions about how I edit photos. Here are a few examples of what kind of care goes into every beautiful photo you receive as a client! Every single one.

To me, mastering photo editing is one of the most important aspects to being a photographer (right behind learning how to use a camera and lighting). As much as I love taking photographs, the real joy of my job is in editing. In my opinion, photo editing should be subtle and complement a photo. Enjoy these examples.

First up, Aaron & Laura!
This picture was taken as the sun was setting on evening. We had found this very cool structure at NC State and it was too good to miss out on. But I needed that warmth back for sure.

Second, Steven & Sarah!
Basic Explanation: In this case, getting two people to lay on the damp grass for this photo was easy. Keeping my feet out of the shot was the hard part! I just had to make sure those gorgeous blue eyes would pop. I also brought out some of the warmth in the photo to balance the green tones.

Last but note least, Allison!
I love this photo because it captures her personality so well. However, in trying (and succeeding!) in capturing those beautiful rays of sunset, the picture ended up a bit dark and washed out. In the end, I brought out the depth and brought out the richness in the colors.