I’ve decided to break Italy up into three posts even though we only visited two places (the Cinque Terra and Rome). The food in Italy deserves it’s own post.

Although it sounds crazy, I took a photo of each meal we ate for 10 days. I wasn’t going for technical success with these photos, just documenting the meals we ate so we would never forget them. We ate octopus, squid, anchovies, and a whole fish (didn’t actually eat the head!)…and LOVED them. The pastas were much less adventurous but were so tasty and diverse. There was mushroom sauce, pesto, ravioli, bolognese, gnocci, and even mini lasagna noodles. There was red sauce, white sauce, pink sauce, and olive oil sauce too. Homemade pasta is so flavorful that I actually tried to make it myself once we got home. It worked but was way too thick. Now I know that those pasta rollers are no joke.

Italy makes pizza seem effortless. Everyone makes it and everyone makes it well. We were surprised at the number of pizzas made without tomato sauce. Our favorite pizza of the entire trip was a sausage and potato pizza.


This post wouldn’t be complete without mention of gelato. We found a few gelato places that were out of this world. They made weird flavors like ginger and pistachio. My favorite was the banana. It reminded me of banana bread dough–made with bananas so ripe that they were almost brown in color. Once we found this stuff, we walked across town to get it nightly. But when you’re on vacation you can do things like that. The fruit sorbets were so flavorful that we couldn’t get our heads around how it could taste so fruity if ice cream ingredients were added to the fruit.


These last photos are a little goofy. After hours of travel home, we were finally only an hour away. It was Sunday morning. We were hungry. I can’t describe how nice it is to walk into a restaurant where people are super friendly, where you can get your food in five minutes, get your check without asking, and ask for things “smothered and covered.” I think the differences in Italian style had us ready for a bit of home. It was nice welcome to the hospitality of the south. It was also nice to get water free of charge.