I’m in love with a company called KISS. KISS makes the most beautiful photo albums I’ve ever seen. Most beautiful albums. Ever. I’ve been wanting to share more info about these great albums so I took my KISS wedding album for a photo shoot. I hope the photos can convey the warm fuzzies better than text alone.

I’m a huge believer in printing photographs. Think about the number of photos you’ve taken in a year and now compare that to the number you’ve printed in some way. If you’re like most people, that number is close to zero. The feeling of photos in your hands in something that a computer will never replace.

If you’re going to invest in beautiful photographs, why not invest in beautiful prints? Better yet, why not invest in real photographic prints bound into a lay flat book, hugged in soft leather cover, and then placed into a snazzy dustcover?


Here is what the inside of that book in the above photo looks like. The photos (aka my wedding photos) were taken by the fabulously talented Robert Filcsik. Album design by yours truly with the exception of a few spreads by Robert. Mouse over the screen to access the arrows and page through the book. The last spread is the best photo of them all. On a final note, happy anniversary to my husband!

Looking forward to sharing more album slideshows over time. At the rate clients are buying these books, there should be plenty!