We’ve all done this before…gotten so into a new hobby that we burned out. Flame gone. Supplies we purchased for this amazing new hobby…sitting there, unused. Did I mention the guilt too? Whether it’s a landscaping project, scrap-booking, reading some book cover to cover, or building a bookcase…there is always this nagging feeling that you should be enjoying it. This happened to me after taking a few too many photography classes in a row. I loved the classes but the weekly assignments finally were too much. Too much being creative, too much driving around town, and too much worrying about whether any of my photos were “good.”

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration. So a few photo friends and I headed to downtown Raleigh to find our own letters for an alphabet project. A year later, I put the letters I found together and created this:


You’re looking at normal bridges, benches, and buildings that were just…re-purposed.

So here we have one of my favorite prints I’ve ever created, and it came to be out of frustration and guilt. If it makes you wonder what you could do with a little inspiration (or kick in the pants), then I dare you to try.

P.S. I’ve been asked a lot if I sell this print and I do! I order it as a mounted 16×20 printed on metallic paper and it’s just beautiful. Just head over to my contact page and send me a message if you are interested.